How Language Learning Enriches Your Management School Education

Learning new languages helps students maximise their career opportunities. Here’s why language learning is so enriching in management school and beyond.


In a competitive job market, language training can provide recent graduates with a much-needed edge. Accounting for both ‘low-risk’ and ‘high-skill’ jobs, a recent study in the US found that demand for bilingual employees doubled in the last five years.

Whether acquired through general immersion or subject-specific training, second and even third languages help students around the world maximise learning and employment opportunities. This is especially true for students in management and business programs, where building international networks and pursuing global opportunities is so important.

Are you curious to know how learning new languages can help your management career? Read on to find out.

New Languages Help Management Students Academically

Acquiring new languages is an effective way to broaden your horizons and develop new perspectives. Language training encourages students to consider other cultural vantage points – an important skill for future careers in international business.


Language skills can lead to leadership positions in international business

Linguistic skills also help students to become more effective communicators, and can lead them to re-examine their native communication habits.  What’s more, learning a second or third language can enhance academic performance, as students in language training often report sharper thinking and a faster memory.

In addition to general academic performance, a new language can help students develop subject-specific skills and interests. For management students in Europe, German, French, Spanish, and English are especially helpful while learning about business and management, as all are widely used in international business. Knowing more than one language also makes it easier for students to consult sources from around the world, and to communicate research interests to a wider audience.

ESCP Europe’s Bachelor in Management programme provides a prime example of how these benefits can be realised to their fullest potential. Through in-class and digital courses adapted to their level, students are given the tools to become proficient in an additional two languages over the course of their three-year program. Course content is also taught in French, German, or English depending on location, ensuring a synergy between students’ language learning and the other elements of their programme.


Language Learning Improves the Student Experience

When pursuing degrees abroad or travelling during their studies, language learning is crucial to helping students embrace new cultures. Linguistic skills enhance all aspects of their experience, helping students immerse themselves in new places and develop more enriching social lives.

Language learning also builds stronger student connections. Courses like ESCP Europe’s BSc in Management typically gather students from around the world, each with their own cultural customs and native language. While bonding over academic work, students can add an exciting dimension to their friendship by learning a language together, or even practising new skills with native speakers on their course.

Languages Enhance Opportunities after Management School

Upon graduating from management school, students with second and third languages are more likely to attract employers. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) found that 72% of surveyed employers prized ‘foreign language skills’ among incoming employees. According to the Language for Jobs report published by the European Commission, 40% of industry sector recruiters valued language skills for graduate positions.


Language skills can allow graduates to work anywhere in the world

Beyond helping graduates land that all-important first job, language skills lead to better long-term career development. Linguistic proficiencies help professionals adapt their knowledge to a variety of environments, often progressing to the next phase of their career with an impressive and diversified professional profile. Management graduates with enhanced language skills also have more networking opportunities than their unilingual peers, allowing them to find positions around the world.

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4 Reasons You Won’t Regret Starting Your Bachelor in Management in London

A world capital for culture and business, London is an exciting place to study and live. Here’s why you’ll love starting your BSc in Management in London!

london9 (8)

Welcoming 19.2 million tourists in 2017, London topped Paris, New York and Tokyo among the world’s most visited cities. For students pursuing degrees in London, the city’s many attractions are always at hand. From the Globe Theatre to the trendiest nightclubs, the UK capital affords unique cultural and social opportunities for students from around the world.

London’s business and management students are at an even greater advantage, since the city is home to international business networks and the headquarters of many top multinational companies.

Are you curious about the advantages of studying in London? Here are four reasons to start your management degree in the city.

1. London is a Great Global Networking Centre

Welcoming students from over 200 nationalities, London is the ideal networking city for young people. While completing their degrees, business and management students can forge important connections with their fellow students – future professionals from around the world. Since the city is also attractive for graduates, current students at top business schools like ESCP Europe can also develop important connections with London-based alumni.

In an uncertain job market, personal business relationships are essential. London connections help students navigate a difficult economy and land elusive entry-level jobs. They also broaden student perspectives, allowing them to gain a global view of business and their job prospects.

2. London’s Cultural Attractions Complement Student Life

When it comes to culture and history, Londoners are spoilt for choice. Students have regular opportunities to visit world-renowned attractions like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, and may do so at their own pace and during off-peak hours. They also benefit from discounted prices and a host of free attractions, from the Houses of Parliament to the Tate Modern.


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament must-sees for international students in London.

Studying in London also means going beyond popular tourist destinations. As Londoners, students will have the time to explore cultural, culinary and sporting activities suited to their particular interests. With world-famous attractions and hidden gems, London is an exciting place to begin a bachelor degree in management.

3. Starting a Bachelor in Management in London has Clear Career Advantages

As a major financial capital, London is an especially good fit for business students. Even with industry concerns over Brexit, London was deemed the world’s top financial centre in a 2017 survey of international business experts. Starting a management degree in London is therefore an important first step toward a strong professional profile. London students can develop on-the-ground insights into international business while gaining qualifications that are recognised around the world.

The city is also home to industry giants like Google, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Vodafone Group. In the heart of international business, students pursuing a Bachelor in Management will often have internship opportunities with top London companies, too. These experiences provide students with an important professional advantage, building a network of contacts for long-term professional growth.

4. Students have a World-Class Social Life in London

Even the best students sometimes need a distraction. Discount options like Groupon, Livingsocial and NUS cards, allow London students to maximise their student budget at a variety of restaurants, venues and shops.

00fbdabe-48ab-11e8-bac3-008cfa043684International students can build friendships while exploring London.

On a night out, London students can pick from some of the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the UK. Clubs around town also have popular student nights, gathering young people for themed party events and DJ sets. If dancing is not your thing, don’t worry as the West End, Soho and Covent Garden are home to some of the best theatre, pubs and taverns in the world. Whatever the night calls for, London will provide!

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The Benefits of Studying Liberal Arts Subjects During Your Management Degree

The liberal arts help business students to broaden their perspectives. Here’s why you should study liberal arts subjects during your management degree.


Studying at a top business school can make you a great candidate for positions in a broad range of industries. Yet, in recent years, many employers have become concerned that the standard business curriculum prioritises specialised, technical education at the expense of more well-rounded personal development.

For many top CEOs, the solution lies in the liberal arts. Liberal arts courses develop interpersonal and critical thinking skills not teachable through the math and science of ordinary business degrees. Many top business schools are taking notice, rounding out their core business and management curriculums with politics, psychology and world history courses that offer students a fresh perspective.

Are you curious about the benefits of studying liberal arts subjects during your management degree? Read on to find out more.

The Liberal Arts Build Key Management Skills

According to a 2014 New York University study, business graduates underperform in important areas like communication and critical thought when compared to their arts and science peers. Liberal arts subjects can help management students address this disparity through courses that prioritise writing, discussion and rhetoric.

Psychology and sociology courses also help business graduates build their critical thinking, interpersonal and managerial skills. Enrolment in even one of these courses can afford you a competitive advantage over future colleagues with a ‘strictly business’ educational background.

Liberal Arts Subjects Allow for Broader Business Perspectives

In their focus on subject-specific skills, business degrees are often criticised for being too narrowly focused. Liberal arts degrees, in contrast, offer more general training, but encourage students to ponder bigger questions and grasp more all-encompassing concepts.

Bridging this gap, students that study liberal arts courses during their management degree become more complete professionals.  Courses focusing on history, politics, international relations and culture are especially helpful in broadening perspectives, preparing students to incorporate insights from a variety of fields and schools of thought.

liberalarts2Liberal arts courses help business students become better communicators

Thinking about big questions also prepares business students to challenge assumptions and maintain strong professional ethics. Many leading commentators attribute industry malpractice and financial crashes to narrow business perspectives that favour expediency over moral standards. Encouraging students to consider decisions from larger perspectives, the liberal arts help business schools train ethically-minded professionals.

Employers Look for Liberal Arts Courses in a Management Degree

Employer feedback might be the most compelling reason to study liberal arts courses. A recent study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that 80% of participating employers thought that all students should graduate with liberal arts training. Employers also describe an unhelpful compartmentalisation in higher education that keeps business and liberal arts studies separate.


Management degrees with liberal arts courses prepare students for better opportunities

While graduates of liberal arts degrees typically struggle in a competitive job market, completing some courses alongside more practical subjects can make you very attractive to employers seeking the most complete candidates. An effective bachelor programme in management will thus provide students with liberal arts training, building their skills and enhancing their professional profile.

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Thinking globally: How studying across countries, cultures and languages will benefit you and your career.

Finding the best undergraduate programme for you can be a daunting prospect. When it comes to the crunch, which factors should you take into consideration when making your final decision?

Choosing a degree that offers the opportunity to study abroad in one or more countries is a great way to get more from your three years at university. In fact, studying abroad provides numerous personal and professional benefits; ultimately making you a more attractive candidate for companies eager to hire interns and graduates who are flexible, multilingual, and comfortable in a range of situations and settings.

Here are five ways studying abroad can benefit you:

1) Experience Personal Growth.

 Studying abroad removes you from the normal support network that you are accustomed to at home. As you learn to navigate and live comfortably in a different culture, you will become more independent, self-reliant and self-confident. Whether it’s doing your laundry, making a trip to the supermarket or navigating public transport, you will learn to take more responsibility for your actions.


2) Learn How to Communicate Across Cultures

In our global society, it’s important to possess the skills to communicate across cultures, and this means understanding more than just a different language. Studying abroad and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds helps you to become familiar with the customs and traditions of others. You may be lucky enough to also experience this through attending a university like ESCP Europe, which has an undergraduate cohort of over 50 different nationalities.


3) Hone your Language Skills

Studying abroad also gives you the opportunity to learn, improve or master the language of the country you are living in.  In addition to the considerable language practice you will get on a daily basis, some unique university programmes also give you the opportunity to study languages more formally, as part of the curriculum.  The ability to speak two, three or more languages is a key skill for students eager to work abroad or for international companies.


4) See the World

Of course, one of the top reasons you should consider a programme that allows you to study abroad, is the opportunity to travel and see the world. In fact, on a programme such as the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP Europe, you will live and study in three different countries in three years. The world truly is your oyster. Make new friends, try new cuisines, experience new customs, visit new landmarks, museums, theatres, bars and restaurants – the list is endless.


5) Advance your career

 When it comes to interviewing for an internship or graduate job, you will stand out from other candidates with skills that can only be gained through international experience, such as foreign languages and the ability to communicate across cultures. Students that have studied abroad bring diversity and uniqueness to a graduate school or workplace, and their experience shows that they aren’t afraid to seek out new challenges or put themselves in difficult situations. Studying in not just one, but two or three countries during your degree will increase your international exposure further and separate you from other applicants.


Studying abroad is an experience like no other and it may turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity – so take it!

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Why Paris is a Perfect Place to Pursue a Business Management Degree

Paris is one of the world’s great cities. Where better to get a business management degree? Here are some of the reasons studying in the City of Light is an ideal choice.

Paris is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, famous for its food, art, architecture, and much more. It has provided the setting for millions of stories stretching back centuries, and will surely provide the setting for many more.  Shift perspective a little bit, though, and Paris reveals itself to also be an ideal place to learn and conduct business, home to world-leading companies and an influential political class that together shape much of life in Europe and around the world.
Curious about what potential benefits await Bachelor in Management students in Paris? Here’s what you need to know.

Paris’ Cultural Makeup Offers Great Value to Students at Business School

Paris is a place practically synonymous with French culture, but it’s also home to large communities of expats from Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world. The result is a city with both a strong cultural core and ample variety of international experiences for newcomers to enjoy and explore.
With international business the name of the game in today’s economy, having the opportunity to learn and grow in this kind of diverse environment can be incredibly valuable for students at a business school.
Learning new languages, exploring the intricacies of intercultural management, and gaining an understanding of the place of business among different elements of a culturally diverse society, are all possible within this kind of context. It’s the sort of rich experience that lends itself well to a successful future in the business world.

Business Opportunities of Many Kinds Can Be Found in Paris

Paris has long been a hub for established business, with groups like Chanel, Hachette Publishing, and Lacoste all based in the French capital. In recent years, the city has also been praised for its growing startup population, attracting more tech talent eager for a home in which they can create exciting new products.
For individuals intending to pursue a management degree, this suggests an environment of tremendous possibility. Ambitious students would be in a great position to network with movers and shakers in a variety of interesting business contexts, perhaps leading to great opportunities down the line.

Study in Paris and you can enjoy access to all manner of interesting opportunities for growth
This process can also be greatly facilitated by attending a top-tier business school like ESCP Europe. These institutions often grant access to alumni networks that regularly host events and promote inter-generational connections that can get young professionals off to a great start.

Paris is Home to Some of Europe’s Leading Business Schools

As is often the case with the world’s great cities, influential schools of higher learning call Paris home. For future business leaders, this makes the city a great place to pursue an education.

Attending ESCP Europe can set students up for lifelong business success
To ensure the best possible experience, it’s important to pay close attention to both accreditation and course offerings. ESCP Europe is an example of a school that offers the best of both. One of an elite few institutions worldwide to hold accreditation from the “triple crown” of the AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA organizations, the school’s unique Bachelor in Management program incorporates business, liberal arts, and languages courses. The result is an education that is both broad and yet remarkably focused on delivering valuable skills to business students, all in a city that is among the most beautiful and fascinating in the world.
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3 Ways a Bachelor in Management Offers Valuable Cross-Cultural Perspectives


In the globalised economy, being able to think outside the box is certainly an asset, if not a requirement for success. There are few things that can help a person learn to approach problems and solutions in novel ways quite like having a business background that crosses cultural barriers, borrowing diverse ideas from all over and combining them into something great and new.

Wondering how this type of perspective might be gained? One way is through studying at an institution that makes an international outlook a key component of your instruction. In this environment, acquiring valuable cross-cultural insights becomes an inevitability instead of something that must be sought out. It’s an ideal solution for busy students with big dreams.

Curious about the ways this type of educational experience might benefit you? Here are three examples that illustrate the potential for transformation.

A Business School With an International Focus Lets You Experience More

There is nothing quite like experiencing a new culture to open a person’s eyes to new ways of thinking, new approaches to solving problems, and different examples of leadership and success. This type of growth takes time, however, and short visits to new places will likely not be enough to gain a real understanding of them.

By attending a business school like ESCP Europe, where education is split between multiple campuses in different cities, it becomes possible to enjoy the type of deeper exposure that leads to genuine growth. New classmates, new professors, and new cultural experiences await with each passing year—frequent enough for consistent excitement, but long enough for genuine growth to occur. This represents the ideal balance for budding management professionals looking for a truly international education.

Language Learning Opportunities Build Real Skills for Lifelong Benefit

To learn a new language is to open up new worlds for discovery. Suddenly, entirely new libraries of information become accessible, and deeper relationships become possible with native speakers. In business, there is additional benefit to be had from being able to speak with potential suppliers, clients, collaborators, and others who might speak a different language, too.

With that in mind, it is worth seeking out a management degree that includes language learning opportunities. This might include course material being delivered in different languages, opportunities for immersion in different cultures, and other approaches to language learning that allow for quick but comprehensive gains in skill.


Course material delivered in different languages can help students quickly become multilingual

ESCP Europe’s Bachelor in Management, for example, includes both in-class and digital language courses throughout the program, and general instruction can be delivered in English, French, German, or Spanish depending on location. Find an opportunity like this and you could become the kind of multilingual, worldly asset that employers will not be able to resist.

The Best Management Degree Programs Draw a Diverse Pool of Students

Building strong bonds with individuals with a different background and perspective is an excellent way to gain a better cross-cultural view of business and the world. You might learn about different attitudes toward business held in different regions, for instance, or about particular customs or norms observed by a given culture. Of course, working and learning alongside a close group of diverse individuals can also lead to a greater ability to thrive in team dynamics where, as in the world of business, differences in background and opinion are commonplace.


The diverse talent pool present in management courses can forever change your perspective

Attending an internationally-focused business school will place you in a context where students are drawn from all over the world, making exposure to this type of diverse group a certainty. Working alongside this group of peers, you can expect to experience profound shifts in perspective—and to build a network of ambitious and capable individuals you can turn to for advice and collaboration for years to come. There’s no overstating just how valuable this can be throughout your career.

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It is a very exciting time for the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP Europe. Not only have we just welcome our 4th cohort of students, but we are also about to have our very first group of graduates, the Class of 2018!

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In the meantime, we have so much to share with you, hence the creation of this Bachelor Blog. Here, you will find a mix of interesting content including:

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