How International Internships Help You Get Ahead in Business School and Beyond

From skill development to networking, internships offer several career advantages. Find out how international internships help business school students thrive.

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With students looking for an edge in a competitive market, internships are increasingly prized as opportunities for professional immersion and skill development. Allowing students to build connections and showcase their talents in high-paced work environments, even unpaid internships can provide long-term benefits. International internships can be especially rewarding, helping students and recent graduates build global networks before even landing an entry-level position.

The benefits of international internships are often magnified for business students. Exposure to foreign markets and business practices can help students specialise their knowledge and develop a range of abilities that set them apart in their home countries.

Are you curious about how international internships can help you thrive in business school and beyond? Keep reading to find out more.

International Internships are Unique Opportunities for Skill Acquisition

For business school students, internships are opportunities to acquire practical experience to complement formal training – two critical components to landing that first job. Intern work helps students learn the ropes of their particular industry, consolidating their knowledge and converting it into hard-won practical skills. This experience goes a long way in convincing employers of your potential contribution to their organisations.

Skill development is only heightened with an international internship, as students may develop new linguistic proficiencies and cultural sensitivities. International experience is a crucial asset in today’s workforce, and may serve to illustrate a job applicant’s adaptability and worldliness. For organisations, international internships can reinforce the appeal of globally-minded students. In fact, as many as six out of ten employers around the world reportedly prize international student experience.

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ESCP Europe has campuses in a number of cities, including Turin

Internships are Often a Stepping Stone to Careers after Business School

International internships also help students find opportunities after their management programme. A competitive market has led many to consider internships the ‘new’ entry position, exposing students to the everyday tasks and responsibilities of incoming employees. Recognising business expertise and soft skills like teamwork and communication, companies routinely bridge high-performing interns into permanent employee roles – or recruit them after they graduate.

Thus, by proving one’s skills abroad, international internships help business students crack the foreign job market. In fact, students may look to secure an internship with a track record of hiring former interns, helping their chances of launching a career from their experience.

Interning Abroad Helps Students Grow International Networks

International internships help students pursue opportunities abroad – even if their host organisation does not hire them after intern work. A leading business school will offer internship opportunities with affiliated businesses and corporations, helping students develop enviable professional networks even before signing entry-level contracts. While completing their internship in a foreign city, students are advised to network with professionals throughout the company – even those they might not interact with on a daily basis.

Professional events, conferences and lectures can also help interns strengthen ties within an international business community. Maximising an internship means taking every opportunity to develop new professional relationships and consolidate your profile. For future business professionals studying abroad, these internships offer a transition from the international classroom to an international career.

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With strong ties in the business world, ESCP Europe helps its students find the right internship

Are you looking for a business school that offers international internship opportunities?

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